Day 7 of 180: First week down

Getting there slowly but surely

Day 6 being a slump as it was resulted in me being behind on my FT job tasks as well, which as result made my day today busier in the morning than usual. So I didn’t get to my PhD work until 7pm! I spent a total of 2 hours of focused work, which is more than yesterday!

I realized that being with my boyfriend definitely helps to improve my productivity and I feel more accountable for my work when I spend time with him. It’s also good to talk to someone when you get stuck sometime he has the answers sometimes he doesn’t but just the matter of the fact that I hear my self thinking out loud is very helpful.

An area that I didn’t mention yesterday in regards to things that can push me to a slump is social media! I have realized that when I spend more than 5 minutes on it just browsing I see all the things that I am not doing. It automatically makes me feel miserable feeling stuck at home, not pursuing my hobbies, minimal social interactions due to covid and not going on a holiday during holiday season. So with all that said, really limiting my time on social media is key and making sure if I am using it to have a goal before opening it and when that goal is reached closing the app. It’s good to have passions and dreams in life and I dug deep to see what areas have been a curiosity of mine to explore since I was a child. I was able to find three main categories, one of which I have in my day to day job and knowing so makes my day more enjoyable.

Another area that I have noticed is that as much as the PhD is important but the number one thing is my health and mental well being and I should do and practice in ways that make me smile regularly and give me peace of heart and mind. Make each day into a personal care day!

Loving life with all its ups and downs!