Day 6 of 180:The slump

The day when the motor didn’t want to start…

After a very productive weekend and Monday, Tuesday did not have the same energy as before. Here I want to dig a bit and see what were the reasons that this happened:

  1. I was very hungry when it was my dinner time so I ended up eating two portions of the meal I had ate, after which I was very heavy and could not think very clearly and did not plan for the next day
  2. I spoke to my mother and a few emotional topics came up so my mind was even further distracted and I ended up watching movies to keep my mind busy
  3. I was slightly upset with my boyfriend from Monday into Tuesday for not responding to my calls on Monday and calling me later than expected and not sticking to his word of holding each other accountable for the tasks we had on hand for the week

So all in all it was a mix of poor dietary choices, emotions built up and lingering on some past emotions. The solutions I foress to help prevent this from happening in the future:

  1. Snack in the afternoon and before dinner so don’t over eat
  2. Eat slowly and focus on chewing and be very present while eating
  3. Make sure to write tasks for next day the night before
  4. Avoid calls that may be potentially emotional in the later evening and if have to take the call stick to topics that are not triggering
  5. if have any misunderstanding with boyfriend try to resolve it right on the spot or the same day the latest don’t let in linger till the next day

This introspection is much needed, I did end up working on my PhD for about an hour and spoke to my advisor for another 40mins, so I’ll still count that as a win!

On to being a winner everyday….